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Formative Assessment and Development Portal

Overview of Features

MedFAD is accessible by desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

Faculty Members use MedFAD to:

Select a resident for precepting based on the number and date of last the last field note for each resident.

Increase educational continuity by reviewing resident learning goals and prior field notes by all faculty members.

Record Field Notes - narrative feedback about resident performance linked to a milestone rating for each ACGME sub-competency.

Contextualize formative feedback based on observation variables including date, patient complexity, service location, precepting format, and preceptor.

Compare field notes and average milestone ratings with other preceptors to increase inter-rater reliability

Medical Residents use MedFAD to:

Record personal learning goals and share their perception of progress towards realizing these goals with faculty members.

Review educational feedback from earlier preceptor encounters to enhance educational continuity

CCC members use MedFAD to:

Review all resident milestone ratings compared to the average for the resident's cohort and all residents in the program

Query and sort Field Notes by competency, program year, preceptor, clinical location, patient complexity, and date range

Update the milestone rating for each trainee

Program Directors use MedFAD to:

Train preceptors in milestone and EPA use

Encourage preceptors to participate in competency assessment

Monitor variations in preceptor ratings and in milestone use to make assessment more reliable across all residents and all competencies